You would like to post a digital photo that would really help to make your point.
  • You can email your photo to for approval.
  • Be sure to include the link to your post so we know where to put the photo.
  • How do I find the link to my post?
    1. Browse to your post.
    2. Click in the address bar to select the link text. The link for this page is
    3. Copy it.
    4. Paste it into your email.
  • How big should the photo be?
    • 250 - 320 pixels wide.
  • What format?
    • jpeg (.jpg)
  • How good does the quality need to be?
    • The image should be clear.
    • Use "normal" or "medium" quality when making your jpeg.
  • What if I have a whole sequence of photos to illustrate my point.
    • Send them in.
  • How do I include a caption for the photo.
    • Include it in the email.
    • (Label it)caption:This is the caption text.